Holy Smokes! God provides!!

Y’ALL! God is so good!!! 

First and foremost, as of today… the Lord has provided all of the financial support needed for my first two months in Guatemala! (WHAT?! I KNOW! It’s crazy!!) Thank you thank you THANK YOU to all of you generous folks who donated and believe in this cause! God is going to do some serious transformation of hearts with your gifts!!

I also wanted to give you a quick update on my previous prayer requests shared in “Wrecked and Restored” (if you haven’t read it yet… go do that now! It’s the story of how God asked me to do a 180 degree turn from a comfortable life in the states to living in a third-world country!).

Here were my requests, and the Lord’s sweet answer to these!

  1. My court case is over!! With the funds from that, I am not only able to pay off all of my medical bills, but also my student loans! I AM GOING TO GUATEMALA DEBT FREE! This is a MAJOR answer to prayer, as I was initially very conflicted about leaving with this debt. But the LORD has provided!! 
  2. I asked for prayers for a great person to fill my old position, and there have been an abundance of application, and multiple qualified candidates.
  3. I have begun to meet with counselors to learn from them, and also am being tutored in Spanish. I know that I am still not in control by any means, but it’s nice to know that I’m not walking in empty handed. Yet again, the Lord’s provision!!
  4. My landlord is letting us out of our lease early, so that knocks off two months of rent I was going to have to pay while in Guatemala.

Additional prayer requests:

  1. As the date of my departure gets nearer, pray that I soak up every bit of time with my community here, and that I do not lose sight of the mission field I am currently in.
  2. I will be moving out of my duplex in June, and will need a lot of help with this! Pray that the Lord will provide buyers for the things I need to sell (all funds for Guatemala), and that the rest of the move goes smoothly.
  3. Please pray that the Lord gives me motivation to be diligent in my independent study of Spanish and counseling techniques.
  4. Above all else, pray that the Lord continues to prepare my heart for this great adventure, and gives me peace and clarity as I prepare!!

P.S. If you wanted to get on board with what God is doing in Guatemala at Casa de mi Padre, there’s still time!! You can pledge to give a for my longer stay in Guatemala following the two month trial trip. Please email me if interested, all information available in the “Give” tab!

2 thoughts on “Holy Smokes! God provides!!”

  1. Alex,I hope I do this right.lol We continue to pray for this call God has placed in your life. God is so magnificent. He always equips the call. GOD’S Blessings!


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