A Pan of Humble Pie

Do you remember when your mom use to make you eat vegetables, and the teeniest bite triggered your gag reflex? That’s what it was like when I realized I was going to have to ask for (and accept) a lot of help. It began in small bites as it became increasingly evident to me that my pursuit of Guatemala will colossaly fail if I rely on my own efforts. The more I “ate”, the more my pride (and yes… control) were struggling for air, and the more I experienced joy in finding myself more dependent on Him. Needless to say, I have been chowing down on a whole lot of humble pie the last couple of weeks, and it’s never tasted so sweet!! (confession: still a decent number of bitter moments… I’m a flawed human being people!)

A couple weekends ago, I travelled to Lone Jack, MO to spend some quality time with my amazing family, attended a dinner for supporters of Casa de mi Padre, and presented at Open Range Fellowship. I met some wonderful folks at the dinner, and witnessed Shane (the founder of Casa de mi Padre) present the stories of several of our kiddos, some of these touching my ears for the first time. On Sunday morning we attended Open Range Fellowship, a cowboy church in Lone Jack that is very dear to my heart! Shane spoke to the morning bible study, and at the main service we had the opportunity to address everyone. After showing our promo video (which you can see for yourself here, https://vimeo.com/232920044 ) I had the privelege to share my heart for the children of Casa de mi Padre.

So blessed by Open Range Fellowship!!

Throughout the entire morning, I was encouraged and loved so well by these folks. I had a sweet man slip this $10 bill (see picture) into my hand with a smile, and walk away. He didn’t know it, but he was the first financial supporter of my mission (that I know of, I get a report this week!). I barely squeaked out a “thank you” before he was gone. That morning was full of precious moments such as this. The Holy Spirit was so sweet in affirming His provision and Sovereignty over this whole adventure that weekend, and I came home to Springfield renewed and encouraged.

From the day I released my “big life change” to the world, to this very moment, I’ve been blown away by the generous gifts, encouraging words, prayers, tidbits of wisdom, and shared verses from all of you! I am so incredibly grateful for each of you.

And with a mouthful of humble pie, I also want to ask you to consider financially supporting what the Lord is sending me to do in Guatemala. Not only is my role a mandate of the Guatemalan governement to be filled, but an important addition to the team. I am delighted to minister to these children, and create a counseling and therapy program to supplement the growth and healing Jesus is doing in them already. His word is riddled with his compassion for the fatherless and oppressed, will you partner with me in raising disciples in Guatemala?

Psst!! If you answered yes, then go check out the “GIVE” tab!



2 thoughts on “A Pan of Humble Pie”

  1. I’m so incredibly proud of you! I’m awed at how God has been preparing you for this service to Him.

    When you were a middle schooler you heard about sex trafficked girls and determined you were going to help them by making bracelets. I’m not sure how many you made, but it was a lot! You even had a small store in Lone Jack selling them for you. When you would tell people why you were making them, I was a little embarrassed: “What could an eighth grader know about sex? Or it’s victims?” It wasn’t a popular topic at the time. I thought we had sheltered you from such horrific crimes. Yet you boldly went forth and with what ever knowledge you had and proclaimed your desire to help them….even telling of your dream to start your own ranch as a safe place for them “when you grew up”.

    Then as soon as you were old enough to work at Camp Barnabas, you went with the traveling team to the southern states. Many that you loved on were not only special need individuals but also ones who had suffered abuse.

    You decided to work full time at Barnabas Prep and continue your education at the same time paying your own way through.

    (Did I mention how proud of you I am?)

    You worked at a crisis pregnancy center …. helping women deal with their newfound struggles and some old destructive habits.

    So many experiences that I believe have shaped you for what’s next! God has been preparing you for “such a time as this.”

    And toward the final stretch of finishing your hard-earned degree in Psychology, you experienced the blow of a pretty serious auto accident that laid you up for awhile. You wondered if you should quit school. It was tough working a full time job and full time student and now disabled to get around on your own. Yet by the grace of God and the love of His people, you made it! And not only did you make it through to graduation …. you graduated with honors: summa cum laude!!!

    So, so proud of you and grateful for God’s hand on your life! I know He is going to continue to bless you and use you in a way He has designed.

    “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ who has blessed us with EVERY spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, just as He CHOSE us in Him BEFORE the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and blameless before Him.”
    Eph. 1;3-4

    BEFORE the foundation of the world, you were chosen!

    I love you beyond words!



    1. Oh Mama!! You bless me so much!! I don’t know where I’d be without you and Dad patiently parenting me as a spirited child and rebellious teenager. Your support has given me the freedom to go above and beyond what I thought I was capable of, and I’m so thankful for you both!


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