Meet Alex!

IMG-6818 (1)Hey y’all! I’m Alex, and I live in the western highlands of Guatemala serving as a counselor and advocate for children who have been abused and abandoned. Welcome to my thought process in this journey, as I remove my precious floaties and dive into the murky deep end!

But first, let’s wade into the shallow side with ten little facts about me:

  1. My life has been radically changed by the gospel! I’ve loved God since I was a small child but did not fully understand the concept of grace (and how much I need it) until adolescence. Now I understand my status of an adopted child of God and can live in the freedom of being forgiven! If you want to hear more about how Jesus transformed my heart, please contact me! I’d love to tell you. 
  2. I am a coffee-addict. There’s nothing like sipping on a good cup of joe while I’m reading the good book. Is it just me? Or does Jesus speak through espresso!
  3. I will never say no to breakfast food. Pancakes, crepes, waffles, I love it all! Also, it is well complemented with coffee (definitely a plus). 
  4. My ideal “hanging out” with a friend involves any of the above or sneaking a pint of Ben & Jerry’s into a good movie (preferably with a blanket and those reclining comfy chairs. It’s a gamechanger).
  5. For two years I lived in a big yellow house in Branson with 30 people (with and without disabilities) as the Nights and Weekends Director of the Barnabas Prep program. It may have been relatively chaotic, but I made some of the most meaningful and genuine friendships with those folks.
  6. I’m a fixer in nearly every capacity. If there’s a conflict, I want to find a solution as soon as possible. If the shower handle breaks like it did this week… I’m pulling out my tool box. 
  7. True story: One time, my truck (may he rest in peace) wouldn’t shift into park. I scoured YouTube, diagnosed the problem, and fixed it myself. Proudest moment of my life. 
  8. My first (and only) relationship lasted a solid two days in the eighth grade. I fell in love when I saw him across the gym dancing to Soulja Boy at a mixer. What can I say? The boy had moves!  
  9. I have been sprayed by a skunk… not my proudest moment.
  10. I’m naturally a black-and-white person, but I’ve spent the last five years learning to love the greys of life too (however messy!).

Okay, back to the deep end. I’ll be honest, I’m completely out of my element with both the transparency a blog requires, and the faith and courage it takes to live in a foreign country alone. I’ve been living here for almost a year now, and it still feels like I just moved in. When I first said yes to this crazy adventure, I’d been forming dreams for my future, and the mission field was not in the picture. BUT GOD in His Sovereignty has prepared (and continues to equip me every day) for such a time as this. He’s given me a passion for the Guatemalan people, and it is such a joy to build and cultivate relationships here! My prayer is that the gospel will be evident in every word I speak in. That I will be seen as less, as Christ is elevated as greater. For to HIM be all the glory, I am merely a lump of clay in the potter’s loving hands!

I serve 22 (at max capacity) kids in a children’s home called Casa de mi Padre. The majority of the children here are rescued out of abusive situations and placed in our care. These children walk through the gates trembling with fear and confused. With patience, grace, love, and the gospel we have the privilege to bring healing in the lives of these kiddos! I guess you could say that the ministry as a whole is in the business of rescue, and my job is specifically restoration. It is such an honor to be a lightbearer into the darkness where shame and fear breed in their beautiful little hearts. I also spend a lot of time preparing for and advocating in court hearings, as we are constantly fighting to keep them out of the hands of their abusers or potentially harmful families.

P.S. If you’d like to dive even deeper into how the Lord lead me to pursue missions, check out my post Wrecked and Restored (link below). Get your scuba gear out folks, it gets pretty deep!

P.S.S. If you’d like to be a part of what God’s doing in Guatemala, whether that’s bringing a church group to assist with our new building project or giving financially, contact me (link below) and I’d love to tell you more!

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